Our fundamental Basketball camps are community-based youth sports camp established to design and empower youth through sports. The purpose and vision is to help educate and instruct youth, between the ages of 8-15, on the fundamentals of basketball and life. We also host annual Parent/Camper day at determined camp locations that involve interaction between Parent/Guardian and camper.

Our camp goal is to help develop and expose camper’s athletic talents, so they may eventually receive athletic and academic achievements, high school diplomas, and college scholarships. The impact of sports camps for youth has demonstrated and improved our youth’s attitudes, self esteem, confidence, grades, relationships, respect for peers and elders as well as reducing crime in the community. Camp Director, Dan Cross, has designed fundamental basketball camps to equip youth in surrounding communities with the necessary tools to become productive young men and women.

“We wan’t to teach them not only skills and fundamentals of basketball but skills and fundamentals that will prepare them for life. The skills that are taught in basketball or in any other sport can directly be correlated with all life experiences and encounters, says camp director Dan Cross”.

Teamwork, discipline, following instructions, time management, leadership, winning and losing are all skills that youth need to be taught on the court and off the court. With these positive values being reinforced our camp will continue to be a success.

With over 25 years of basketball knowledge and experience, Dan Cross (University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame Member and SEC Legend) have put together a team of qualified coaches and current/ former basketball players who understand the importance of teaching fundamentals.